The Curse of Bryerstone

The next level in Halloween Entertainment

The Curse of Bryerstone will combine the elements of outdoor drama, theater, and film.  Ghost Town Promotions LLC and Capture 1 Studios have teamed up to bring you a production like no other.  

Ghost Town is an attraction in Findlay, Ohio that features over 4 acres of western frontier.  During the warm season, the park opens for craft and western shows.  However, in the season of Halloween, the park transforms into a Haunted Attraction that features live performers and amazing props.  

This year, Capture 1 Studios has come aboard to create the story of how Ghost Town became a ghost town.  During the late 1800's, after a great oil boom, John Valentine founded Bryerstone.  After a few years of prosperity, the town became cursed.  Today, it is plagued by creatures of darkness that will prey on anyone who dares enter.  The film covers the story of how this all happened.

FILM STATUS:  Post-Production

RELEASE DATE:  September 27th, 2019

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Narrated by Kevin Carpenter

Derrik Mays - Elliott Kreim

Elizabeth Ward - Angiovanna Gresko

Razell Withernitch - Justin Duvall

Ava Branson - McKensie Binau

Black Swamp - S. Airon Ramsey

Hilda Doyals - Michelle Cortez

Luke Doyals - Andrew Packard

Judith Valentine - Nicole Lopez

Mayor Valentine - Brian Barnett

Dr. Dorothy Cooper - Sarah Burnett

Sheriff Rusty Branson - John Swingle

Kane Way - Johnny Le

Niles Digsby - Dameion Cortez

Bill Hobbs - Glen Ramsey

Betty the Shopkeeper - Alyson Phillips

Lucy Redding - Ashley Schaller

Lilith Ransom - Kat McFadden 

Man with Gun - Briar Courtney

Man in Saloon - Chad Oman

Man with Child - Jacob Vent

Female Dancer - Mira Adkins

Monster Choking Girl - Kathryn Holman

Fireball Victim 1 - Ginger Adkins

Fireball Victim 2 - Serena Matson

Fairy Victim - Kolton Adkins

Young Citizen - Simona Cortez

Younger Male 1 - Drake Cortez

Younger Male 2 - Korbin Adkins

Younger Female - Ella Peterson

Cowboy - Logan Kempf

Citizen 1 - Alexa Marlow

Citizen 2 - Theresa Oman

Citizen 3 - Charlotte Nivison 

Citizen 4 - Lexi Nivison

Citizen 5 - Cassie Adkins

Citizen 6 - Cole Perkins

Jack the Horse - Himself

Wesley the Horse - Himself

Homie the Horse - Himself

Stand In - Jack O'Hare



Director & Writer - Matt Erman

Assistant Director - Justin Duvall

Audio Technician - Rhonda Morrow

Executive Producer - Kevin Carpenter

Key Grip & Lead Gaffer - Jack O'Hare

Makeup Supervisor & Design - Sarah Burnett

Makeup - Amanda Wisniewski, Ashley Schaller, McKensie Binau, Kat McFadden, Michelle Cortez, Justin Duvall

Wardrobe Supervisor - Sarah Burnett

Set Design - Michelle Cortez

Prop Master - Dameion Cortez

Pyrotechnics Supervisor - Jack O'Hare

Pryotechnics Assistant - Michael Harshbarger

Script Supervisor - Virginia Shine

Chandler - Kathryn Holman

Behind the Scenes - Michael DeSanto

Production Assistants - Joe Rowan, Chad Oman, 

Stunt Coordinator - Johnny Le

Cinematography - Matt Erman

Lighting & Grip Services Provided by - Leap of Faith Productions

Bryerstone Sign - Dragon-Craft Creations Craft & Cosignment Shop

Wardrobe Provided by - MB Subculture, 3b Productions, Sarah Burnett, Jack O'Hare

Horses Provided by - Melissa Beatty & Linda Estep

Candles Provided by - Fern Tree Candle Company

Visual Effects by - Capture 1 Studios


Only at Haunted Ghost Town, Findlay, Ohio

Haunted weekends run September 27th through October 26th.