Ghost Town: The Curse of Bryerstone

The next level in Halloween Entertainment

The Curse of Bryerstone will combine the elements of outdoor drama, theater, and film.  Ghost Town Promotions LLC and Capture 1 Studios have teamed up to bring you a production like no other.  

Ghost Town is an attraction in Findlay, Ohio that features over 4 acres of western frontier.  During the warm season, the park opens for craft and western shows.  However, in the season of Halloween, the park transforms into a Haunted Attraction that features live performers and amazing props.  

This year, Capture 1 Studios has come aboard to create the story of how Ghost Town became a ghost town.  During the late 1800's, after a great oil boom, John Valentine founded Bryerstone.  After a few years of prosperity, the town became cursed.  Today, it is plagued by creatures of darkness that will prey on anyone who dares enter.

FILM STATUS:  Pre-Production

RELEASE DATE:  September 27th, 2019

OFFICIAL IMDb:  Coming Soon!

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