History of Fostoria (The Series)

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Volume 6: Growing Up



The world is changing as technology works itself to the forefront of every American’s life.  Follow Gov. Charles Foster and Anne as they embark on a journey of discovery, friendship, and the history of Fostoria!  JFK, The Moon Landing, Fusee Plant, The Image, and the Blizzard of 78 are just some of the topics they touch on. 

Interviews with local Fostorians


Tom Grine 

Clayton Moore 

Joe Deuble 

Alyssa Cool Miller 

Doug Pahl 

Jack Altwies 

Sarah Dotson 

Tom Krupp 

Susan Jacoby-Lowery 

Karis Horner-Matz 

Carole Rinehart 

Richard Zeyen Jr. 

Gov. Foster and his wife return

Somehow the Foster's have made into the 80's!  You won't want to miss how they react to a world of technology....techNOLOOGY as Gov. Foster puts it.   They are again joined by several children full of questions that need answering!  

Cast & Crew

HOSTED BY Leonard Skonecki & Cindy Swartz  


Breydan Frisch

Kasidy Rae Lynn

Serenity Jolene

Brooklyn Frisch

Lacey Barchus


Matt Erman  


Rhonda Morrow  


Stephanie Frisch

Laura Barchus  


Ron Amrine  


Cindy Swartz  


Dan Newman 


Susan Kinn, Steve Cramer  


Matt Erman 

Jennifer Newman 

Rhonda Morrow 

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History of Fostoria Volume 6: Fostoria Grows Up (60's-80's) goes on sale February 10th.  Check back here for details on how you can get one!

Where can I find Volumes 1-5?

Any of the volumes of the History of Fostoria can be purchased at the following locations:

Good Shepherd Home Gift Shop

The Review Times

Foster's Museum

Fostoria Community Hospital Gift Shop

Eagle Creek Gift Shop

Fostoria Area Chamber of Commerce


If you live out of town you can still get your hands on some great Fostoria history!!  Download the order form and send it in!

The History of Fostoria (The Series)

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Volume 5

In a time of incredible diversity, the generations of the 1930's through the 1950's experienced some of the biggest changes our world has ever seen.    Take walk down memory lane as Leonard Skonecki (Gov. Charles Foster) and Cindy Swartz (Anne Foster) host this fascinating look at Fostoria's path through The Great Depression, World War 2, and the blast of the 1950's. 

Volume 4

Governor Charles Foster and his wife Ann Olmsted Foster are back in the latest chapter of the History of Fostoria series.  Volume 4, "Called to Serve" will take viewers on an historic journey through Fostoria and America's wars.    

Tales of America's most tragic times.  Along with interviews from Fostoria Veterans and family, the film will engage the audience with incredible stories that will never be forgotten. 

Volume 3

Starring:  Charles Thaxton, Thomas Wertman (MUFON), Denise Knitz, Monica Crimmins, Nelson Stolicker, and many more!  Featuring Fostoria Paranormal Investigations and a special appearance by ORBS (Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits)  Leonard Skonecki hosts this entertaining look at Fostoria's unique UFO and Ghost history.  Tales of corpse eaters, railroad UFO sightings, and a ghost hunt into the Historical Museum top the list of topics in this third volume of the series. 

Volume 2

The story continues as Leonard Skonecki hosts the story of Fostoria and the major events that took place.  

The bio of Gov. Charles Foster and we introduce Ann Foster played by local Fostorian Cindy Swartz.  Other topics include the National Champion VFW Band, The John B. Rogers Producing Company, The Fostoria Academy and a look inside the life of a small northwestern rail town.  Starring Ray Dell, Browning Payne, Ron Amrine, Susie Kinn, Nancy Slaymaker, Jodee Paxton and more! 

Volume 1

You have to start somewhere right?  Volume 1 takes you back to the days of glass, trains, and more!  

Volume 1 was presented by the Fostoria Area Visitors Bureau and produced by Capture 1 Studios.

Available at Chamber of Commerce, Review Times, Fostoria Community Hospital Gift Shop, Good Shepherd Home Gift Shop, and any of the Historical Socities museumes.