Our Story

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Motivation comes.

For many years, owner Matt Erman spent his days working a 9-5 job earning a living as a graphic artist.  In the summer of 2012, he came to realize that the need for a quality media outlet was an ever growing demand.  Matt already had a photo and video background from college, so it was an easy decision to move ahead with a plan that would start him on the path of self employment.

Wheels in Motion.

By January of 2013, Erman was ready to open the doors to Capture 1 Studios.  The aim would be video production and photography.  Success would come quickly for the studio as it landed several major clients in the first few months of operations.  By the time the end of 2013 came around, Matt found himself overwhelmed by the response, and immediately began plans to expand his company.

Investing for the long haul.

The year of 2014 seen many changes in regard to equipment, software, and the overall development of productions the studio was creating.  It was also time to begin an advertising plan that would take Capture 1 Studios to that next level of client awareness.

New services were added and the studio expanded into Film Duplication & Transfer as well as Web Design. 

Attention required.

As 2015 rolled by in an instant, the blur of the amount of productions completed was almost staggering. The studio once again found itself with the need for more expansion, and more attention.  

Time to go "all-in"!

The beginning of 2016 demanded that the studio remain open for longer hours as well as new computers to help in multi tasking.  A plan was set in motion that would take the studio into a realm it had never seen - full time attention.

So in December of 2016, owner Matt Erman took the plunge and quit that 9-5 job.  The studio now could handle three times the clients while branching out the service area beyond the borders of Ohio.

As our company grew, it was time to enter the realm of narrative filmmaking.  Since that time, Capture 1 Studios has been featured in over twelve festivals, won multiple awards, and has gained a wide viewership of fans.  Most recently, the studio produced 'The Legend of Holcomb Road', a local haunt put to the big screen featured a cast and crew of over 40 individuals.  In its opening night, over 900 fans showed up from all over NW Ohio to see the film.  

The future is happening now!

The future of Capture 1 Studios is happening now.  Our clients range as far as Wisconsin, Alabama, and Texas.  The engine that drives the studio is still Matt Erman, but now with a host of independent contractors, top-of-the-line gear, and a high level of experience, he is ready to take on the world.